Sri Lanka, Holiday in Paradise on Earth


Its shape recalls a drop of Sri Lanka in the sea. The smaller but this country is in the Indian Ocean, its size, the richer it is in monuments and beautiful romantic beaches. You can experience the exotic and reasonably safe holiday.

Not by accident that Sri Lankas reputation earthly paradise. Already famous explorer Marco Polo regarded it as one of the most beautiful islands in the world, which is currently experiencing significant interest of tourists from around the world.

Sri Lanka looks like a tear trickling from the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent. Separating it from India around 50 km, with both countries apart from similar cultures connects called Adams Bridge - a narrow strip composed of a series of coral islands. According to legend, Sri Lanka was just the Biblical paradise from which Adam walked across this bridge.

Sri Lanka, Holiday in Paradise on Earth

Of the many ways a holiday in Sri Lanka to use, you can choose between lounging on beaches and intensive exploration of the island. Somewhere in between is the ideal compromise solution and slightly adventurous - half holiday given to active learning in the second half to find a hotel where we can relax on one of the beaches.

In the oldest metropolis

From the airport in Colombo, we first go north to the town of Anuradhapura, the original capital of Sri Lanka. Royal City of Anuradhapura was founded around 380 BC and the following fourteen centuries became a residence of Sinhalese kings. From that time to this day retaining only the ruins of the former magnificent temples and palaces as well as to suggest how wonderful this city once was.

Stroll around the ruins we start at the oldest Sri Lankan stupa "Thuparama", dating from 244 BC The legend says this stone Buddha Buddhist monument hides right collarbone, which I placed myself an Indian emperor Ashoka.
If Thuparama is the oldest, then Jetavanarama holds the record with regard to size. Originally this huge brick hemisphere measured over 120 m and thus in his time was among the worlds tallest building (higher then they were only two Egyptian pyramids). View of the dagoba rising from the tropical rainforest somewhat spoils the scaffolding, but we have to admire the then flourishing civilization at a time when the site of todays Prague was a dense forest ...

Evening in Anuradhapura

The lion rock

From far away land rises above the orange rock Sygiriya to which he gave the 5th Kashayap century king to defend against enemy raids build magnificent rock fortress. Journey to the top of the rock is not easy - at first scare off tourists intrusive "black" guide and then waiting nearly five hundred stairs carved in the rock mass and boldly zbudovaných of steel structures.

Around the middle of going through a vertical wall niche with the famous rock frescoes "heavenly virgins." On their photography is the need to wait in line, and because compliance with the prohibition on the use of flash oversee strict guard, comes to the benefit of my tripod. The rock strength, although until now only preserved foundations of buildings and a few staircases and terraces, from the top but a magnificent panoramic view over the countryside.

For elephant orphans in Pinnevaly

Another "obligatory" stop is the village Pinnevala with the famous elephant orphanage. Elephants living in Sri Lanka are specific subspecies of the Indian elephant. From time immemorial, these pachyderms have played an important role in human history - the natives use them for hard work in agriculture, in wars for religious ceremonies.

It is estimated that today live in Sri Lanka for about three thousand elephants, of which about five hundred tame. Elephants, however, overpopulated island represent a serious problem, since it forces them disappearing forests in search for food near human dwellings. Inevitably, and between humans and animals leads to conflicts, for which one of the parties often pay life.

Elephant orphanage in Pinnevale originally established as a refuge pups, thus losing her parents. However, at present it is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the island, where we can see the worlds largest herd of elephants kept in captivity. Elephants usually live here until the end of his life, so that we find how a few weeks old cubs and elephant grumpy old man. Twice a day is their Mahut narrow alley leading to the river, where the animals then indulge in a nice bath while tourists take pictures and feed the chicks bunches of bananas.

Wandering through tea plantations

The mountainous area located in the heart of the island, near the town of Nuwara Eliya is renowned for its delicious "Ceylon" tea. After several hours of climbing turns rice fields first tea plantation, and when it occurs the peak of the highest mountain in Sri Lanka - 2524 m high Mt. Pidurutalagala - we are. After getting out of the car immediately experience a noticeable difference in the climate and the head may be the first and last time during your travels stay warm hat.

The clouds roll just above the ground, so it partially obscure views of the slopes, verdant forests čajovníkových shrubs. To visit manufactory Perdo Tea Estates an ideal weather. Early in the morning the machine still waiting for todays first batch of tea leaves, but the shift supervisor visits willingly performs továrničkou literally from top to bottom. At the end of this private excursion course there tasting tea, after which (fortified strong dose theine) you can go to explore plantations.

Slopes in a wide area completely cover crops tea, among which wind dozen trails, daily prošlapávaných comber. In the Nuwara Eliya this difficult work is done mostly Tamil women. Under the strict supervision of two men progresses systematically česaček twenty small forward and their baskets are slowly but surely fulfills bright green leaves.

The dense bushes just always adroitly torn off and the last two leaves and bud top - because they contain only the best taste and aroma. Every day, all year round, dressed only in affordable gowns and often barefoot, he spends his life on tea plantations. After a week, it will return to the same bushes, between which the new shoots grow from which the nearby továrničce create one of the best teas in the world.

Finally, at the sea!

If faith saturates Sri Lanka literally on every corner, in Kataragama on the southern coast of the island it is doubly true. The complex of temples for the pilgrims from everywhere looking portraits of deities, output peaks towering above the sacred trees and shrines kneels before Buddhist monks in orange robes typical.

Three times a day in Kataragamě pilgrims come to pray to their shrines, some families do not hesitate for this purpose several times a year to take a long and arduous journey all the way from Colombo.

There will be the final stage leading along the southern coast. Here you can find the "your" most beautiful beach and stay on it for a week before heading home.



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