Noisest beach world where bathing blows jumbo


White sand, green palm trees, azure skies, azure sea and calm. So most people a holiday in exotic Caribbean. Just virginal looks at first sight and Maho Beach Netherlands Antilles. But only until the moment when you are directly behind the huge roar begins to suffer Boeing 747. Visit Short term rentals Prague!

Beach Maho Beach is located on the island of Wed Maarten (Saint Martin) in the Netherlands Antilles, approximately 200 km east of Puerto Rico. The island is territorially divided between France and the Netherlands. Maho Beach on the Dutch side of the island, also known as Sint Maarten.

Beach may look like straight out of a travel agency advertising catalogs, visitors here but goes mainly due to aircraft. Not far from the south end of the beach is frequented airport runway stretches Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM).

Noisest beach world where bathing blows jumbo

Since the runway starts just behind the fence a few meters from the beach and has an overall length of only 2,180 meters, aircraft nalétávají straight to the beginning as low as possible. Nowhere else why not experience flight of aircraft, including Boeing 747 jumbo giant, so low - just a few meters above your head.

"Do not forget to take your camera for the best experience sit middle of the beach. When the aircraft taking off from runway 10, the impact of air so strong that the sand and your things flying around," recommended for lovers of aircraft many tourist guides. It becomes even onlookers that it may discard the water.

Everywhere therefore hangs warning signs warning of dangers if people find themselves too close to the aircraft taking off.

Some adrenaline greedy individuals even held the main fence around the runway, to experience a huge impact air currents from aircraft engines. The authorities therefore had recently installed for safety farther on another parallel fence.

Observation aircraft on the beach is so popular that the schedule of arrivals and departures of all aircraft is off the hook in all restaurants and bars on the beach, while most traffic is usually on weekends.
Due to the strong airflow from the aircraft, causing soil erosion on Maho Beach vegetation will not find much. The advantage contrary, are quite large waves that surfers use and skimboardisté (simply put - skating on water).

Last October, the island devastating hurricane Omar, which flattened several popular restaurants and bars, such as the Sunset Bar, Bamboo Bernies and Bliss. Sunset Beach Bar is currently being re-built.



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