Simply is beauty


Even in the modern commercial world still true adage "beauty is in simplicity." Therefore, this time we went to visit the kitchen that this rule only potvrzuje. Rent flat Prague with a small but pleasant garden gives at first glance it clear that its inhabitants prefer clean lines and quality materials and their processing.

Counter for communication
"From the very beginning we have been united with my husband - we wanted to prep counter in the middle of the room. My husband is in the kitchen sometimes helps and so staggered line allows us immediate and friendly communication, "says the lady of the house, and without hesitation, gives us an insight into his kingdom.

Simply is beauty

The kitchen reigns white, delicately combined with stainless steel. Working granite slab from the workshop Granit Holec Although released on equal fifty thousand, but it is an investment that pays off. In addition, very successfully underlines the purity of design furniture made in a kitchen studio Kyzlink.

Practicality primarily
The line boasts sufficient storage space, of course there are also practical Full extensions, used to store food.

Lets stop the cooking zone. Baumatic hob (12,000 CZK) complements the oven (16 000 CZK) and Executive hood of the same brand (16 000 CZK). Lighting This section provides enough illumination kitchen hoods and spotlights, located on the bottom wall of the glass upper cabinets.

Compartments for bottles remain unused. "In the kitchen and the whole house is different enough storage space, so we found out that there is actually no need at all," says the lady.

Prep counter, located in the space is reserved for the washing zone. Stainless steel sinks Franke (9000 CZK) supplement battery La Torre (5400 CZK). The dirty dishes will take care Baumatic built-in dishwasher (17 000 CZK).

Cleverly "disguised" hole in the plate next to the sink suggests that the inhabitants of the house originally counted with kitchen waste crusher. Eventually, the family began diligently separated and established the garden compost, so the crusher proved unnecessary. Maybe perhaps sometime in the future ...

Popular white
Behind the white door with hidden lines and large refrigerator Liebherr Liebherr fridge (33 000 CZK), microwave oven and coffee maker Rowenta brand.

"White is versatile, with her jdsou combine virtually any supplements," says Mrs. Margaret. Appropriate effect can also create several high quality stainless steel small household appliances - toaster and kettle Philips.

And the white is not too drab, combine it with the pea-green painted walls and well vyspárovanými green light tiles. Third time is reflected in the soft green leaves flowers hostess lovingly retains on top of the cabinet lines.

Located near a large French windows have enough light. From excessive heat and then pokojovky local residents who at the adjacent dining table we sit, protect wooden outdoor horizontal aluminum blinds. Sun rays that penetrate them, they can create a floating floor friendly ribbing.



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