Kitchen: Replacing old lines with new


The parts of the house, without which no household can do. In the old tenement flats, but not in them, you have outmoded and sometimes dysfunctional kitchen for better housing exchange line calls. Often when it comes to new flooring and paneling for the desktop. Is your kitchen old and you feel it was time for a change?
Certainly not a problem that you did not select on the market. Different types with attractive design and modern appliances are plenty. How to correctly select and how to start?

"You must really know what he wants to needlessly threw money for something that does not need. What is essential is a good selection of kitchen studio. Any error is then very difficult to rectify, "says Dita Hedervar architect interior designer in the studio.

Kitchen: Replacing old lines with new

"The entire apartment has a new kitchen is usually the most expensive item."

Place cabinet drawers
Design is extremely important because it is derived from your relationship to this space. Currently, manufacturers of kitchen units come with a variety of forms - from rustic village over a simple modern design to extremes.

But one thing they have in common: more and more emphasis is placed on functionality, safety and ease of use.

For example, replacing cabinets, large drawers, overhead cabinets are not open classically, but are turned up, large storage compartments have sliding doors instead of walls and the like. Also important is the shape of the line itself.

In a small apartment usually not a lot of options, but if space allows it, its worth a U-shaped line in place or at least two working plates against each other.

"Its very practical and I recommend it highly," said actor Martin previously Zounar, moderator of the program Prima spoon. When choosing kitchen is also a good think about whether you want cabinet on legs or on pedestal.

Kitchen has vzdušněji on the legs, but cleaning is more work. Dust that forms in the nejpořádkumilovnější home is just a few days to see. This type of cooking is also a bit more expensive.

Are also very impressive wheels, predominantly in serving tables and drawer containers.

Consumers are able to more than once
Once you get rid of old parts kitchen cabinets, it is time to consider the selection of new appliances. Fridge, oven and hob belong to the basic equipment. Whether you buy a dishwasher, its up to you, the experts seem to agree that in a modern home should not be missed. And the built-in, to lift the overall look of the kitchen.

If your kitchen is small, which is in many flats are no exception, get a smaller size appliances. On the market today you get such cooker is just a small oven in one.

When choosing appliances, of course, focus on quality and functionality, but remember not to design. It is not very effective if the beautiful modern lines selected white oven ...

Also important are the distributions. If you want to replace the old line with a new one on the existing site, then it would not be a problem. But if you mean the entire kitchen to move to another location in the apartment, then it is necessary to count with new water, gas, electricity and waste.

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Important is the floor
Floor and over the worktop is practical to solve together. This means that before you bring the line or you will be imported, should be laid floor tiles and between the lower and upper cabinets. The choice is really wide.

Highly desired in recent mosaic, but also stainless steel. As for the floor - simple installation and relatively attractive price promises linoleum. Perform very well maintained. Manufacturers offer a rich variety of patterns and colors, so often at first glance does not know if the floor is really made of linoleum, or whether the pavement.

Suitable are also floating laminate floors - easy to install and easy to maintain. However, you may not "heat" own a dishwasher, "then there will be a floating floor problems.

"The most suitable material appears to be resistant tiles with underfloor heating. At least the carpet is suitable. Also, wood and cork can easily destroy for lack of maintenance, "says Hédervár.

Kitchen stand out in the interior, it is with him in the color line. This also applies to the walls. If you advocate natural materials and want to make in your home kitchen radiated light, choose solid wood door.

Among the cheapest massif include pine and spruce, more luxurious is the birch, maple, beech, walnut, oak and exotic bamboo.

A wide variety of colors and also offers the veneer. Elementary particle board is coated with a layer of high-quality wood (veneer) that varnishes, either in matte, metallic, gloss or high gloss fashion, whose technology is demanding and price ranges in the higher ranges.

The countertop is the most important element of the whole kitchen. When ordering select the correct height to suit the height of the characters, who often cooks.

At present, more and more fans are laminated particle board, thanks to attractive prices and offer varied surfaces. Admirers of classic natural materials and will probably choose a wooden board. But they shall be painted and well maintained. The price ranges from 1000 to 4000 crowns per meter.

With the trend "technostaveb" to households, there were a plate of stainless steel - virtually indestructible, but requiring intensive care (dried droplets of water on it to see). It is also frequently used artificial stone (corian). Easily shaped, machined and is extremely compact.

"The best, but most expensive is a combination of lacquered kitchen doors and panels of artificial stone. Bright lacquered door kitchen brighter and they are also durable. Plate of artificial stone is great and properties. It is one piece and replace its hardness breadboard, "says architect Dita Hédervár.



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